My work with bands has allowed me to do some fun poster designs over the years.  The last 2 years in particular has been rather productive with my band Alone On The Moon. With a name like that, there are bound to be some space themes happening.

I’ve gathered up some of my favorite Alone On The Moon poster designs here starting with the most recent and working backwards in time.

AOTM_6_11_16_LaserEyes AOTM_6_3_16_2

UNION_March11-01 AOTM_Feb13th_poster1

Union_Jan8 DeathApproach_poster AOTM_july31_Nook AOTM_Oct9_MANGOS AOTM_Sept19_mangos

These last 2 are some speculative work I did for a local festival, which they loved so much they ended up using both of them.  Somewhat to my dismay, as there was no cohesive look to them at all.  Maybe next year I’ll be contacted earlier and have free rein.

HoustonHomegrown_v1-01 HG_green-Jelly

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