Design for Bands

Over the years I’ve designed logo’s and flyers for several bands.  It’s always some of the most fun work to do.  I have collected some of my favorites here to show.


Alone on the Moon

Recently I did a promo kit for my own band “Alone on the Moon“.  We needed a promotional photo to include for the booking agents and we didn’t want the same “posed in front of a brick wall” photo every other band has.  Plus, as always, we were pressed for time and didn’t want to mess with the whole photography process.  So, off to Facebook to grab photos I can composite into something usable.  Obviously the band has a sort of “space” theme, so I googled space suits and found a series of shots from the old Mercury missions in the 60’s.  They had this great cheesy blue backdrop with that yearbook photo-day lighting. Perfect.


Some exaggeration of features, a few Photoshop tricks, and a color halftone to even out the wildly varying resolutions and the resulting composite was a huge hit.



Cassette Tape

A couple of years ago I was asked by a local reggae jam band to do a logo design for them. They were just getting started and really wanted something that involved a cassette tape, spoke of the beach culture, and gave a shout out to the Hispanic influences in their music.  The resulting logo was a dios dos muertos looking cassette tape.


We played around with several logo type variations, but settled for the fun, almost graffiti like, hand drawn lettering that was similar to hand made posters in the beach culture they were to appealing too.


The result was easily adaptable to merchandise of all kinds.




Several years ago I did a poster series for a band called “Goodkid”.  They wanted a recurring theme concept for a series of shows they were doing.


They also incorporated some video into their live set, which I created some animated versions of the posters to intermix into found footage.

It was an exciting project and I look forward to doing more like it in the future.


These are just a few of my favorites from the last few years, and I’m sure there will be much more to come.